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massicot n : the mineral form of lead monoxide; in the form of yellow powder it is used as a pigment [syn: massicotite]

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French massicot; English masticot is a corruption


  1. lead monoxide, PbO, obtained as a yellow amorphous powder, the fused and crystalline form of which is called litharge; lead ocher. It is used as a pigment; also, lead oxide yellow, as opposed to red lead, which is lead tetroxide Pb3O4.
    Note Massicot is sometimes used by painters, and also as a drier in the composition of ointments and plasters.
    • 1952: Besides orpiment, already referred to, one occasionally gets mention of massicot, a yellow lead paint. — L.F. Salzman, Building in England, p. 169.


lead monoxide

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Massicot is one of the natural mineral forms of lead(II) oxide, PbO. Massicot is the orthorhombic dimorph of the tetragonal form of lead oxide, litharge. It forms soft (Mohs hardness of 2) yellow to reddish-yellow, earthy, scaley masses which are very dense, with a specific gravity of 9.64.
It was first described in 1841 for an occurrence in Stolberg, near Aachen, Germany. Massicot is French for lead oxide.

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